Additional sources of income
Additional sources of income

Additional sources of income

Life in the modern world constantly exposes a person to all kinds of tests, including financial ones. Not everyone can say with confidence that they are financially secure, because most people, as a rule, have only one source of income – the money they receive for the work they do. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a job for hire or your own business, it is important that there is only one source of income. But what if, for some reason, this source suddenly ceases to bring money? It is for this reason that some are thinking about additional sources of income. And for those who do not hesitate, we strongly recommend doing this, because in the future, and in the present, it can be of great service. Below we will consider several options for alternative sources of financial inflow and some of their nuances.

In general, sources of income can be divided into active and passive. Active are those in which we are directly involved in order to make a profit and make efforts to get money. Passive are those in which a person practically does not make any efforts to make a profit and his investments (time, effort, money) work for him. Let’s see what kind of active or passive source of income can be additional?


Active additional sources of income

In fact, a situation where there may be a need for additional finances, or there is simply not enough money earned at the main place of work, can arise for everyone. You can, of course, try to achieve a career advancement, increase wages or start looking for a higher-paying job, but it’s not a fact that you will succeed. You can try to find a second job, but where can you find the time and energy for it, if you are already busy to the full? But there is a way out: you need to pay attention to your hidden resources, which in the daily hustle and bustle we can simply not notice, and therefore do not use them. They can become the basis of an active additional source of income.



Think about what knowledge you currently have, but which you are not using to create additional income. What can you do? What can you teach? What can you tell us about or what to advise on? What ideas did / do you have, but which you did not pay enough attention to? Surely you will be able to find something interesting. In addition, if you wish, you can learn something new: take some courses, get a new specialty or a second or even a third education, and then use the knowledge gained to make money in a new field.

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Technical resources

Almost everyone has one of the most powerful technical resources at home today – it is a computer. It is usually purchased for study, watching movies, listening to music and other entertainment, but it can also be used as a means of earning money. If you have access to the Internet and a little free time, then you can search the net for ways to generate additional income. The situation is similar with the presence of a car – it can be used for various kinds of part-time jobs: as a taxi, to deliver sushi or pizza, etc. Make a list of what you have and consider if there is any way you can use it for the benefit.


Hobbies, hobbies, interests, talents

Each person has some distinctive feature: someone writes beautifully, someone understands technology, someone gets along remarkably well with animals. What are you good at doing? Even the simplest skill to embroider or knit beautifully can become an additional source of income. And if you like it, it’s even better! What are your hobbies? What are your interests? Could your area of ​​interest serve as a starting point for creating another source of income? Get creative, activate your creativity and try to come up with some interesting ideas that you can bring to life and improve your financial condition.



Time is the most valuable resource that a person has, but which is often completely wasted. Analyze what you spend your time on: how many hours a day do you have stupid classes? How much do you spend on finding a new way to make money? You must learn how to properly manage your time resource: engage in self-development and personal growth, spiritual practices, analysis of your knowledge, technical resources, skills, hobbies, hobbies and interests in order to learn how to turn them into money. This, of course, does not mean that you cannot rest and have fun. But if you have a need for additional funds, then “business is time, fun is an hour.”

So, we have dealt with active additional sources of income. The main direction of work is now clear and, if you wish, you can find any other interesting active way of earning money. Let’s move on to passive sources.

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Passive additional sources of income

Oddly enough, the very concept of passive income is rather unusual for Russians, although they have been familiar with it in the West for a long time, and in some schools there they even teach financial literacy. In our country, however, this topic has been studied very little. And this is mainly due to the stereotypes imposed and brought up in the last decades of the last century. In the post-Soviet space, it was the person who was considered successful who achieved everything that he has, making colossal efforts. However, at all times, the most successful, wealthy and wealthy people have always been people with such qualities as financial literacy., sharpness of mind, prudence, and able to profit from their investments. But let’s leave this reasoning for another time, and consider those sources of income that can be considered passive, as well as available to people with low and middle income.



A pension is a regular cash benefit that is paid to people who have reached retirement age, have a disability or have lost their breadwinner. But, unfortunately, the size of the pension in our country, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. And many people do not live up to retirement age, and thousands of pensions go into the “bottomless abyss” of our state. That is why only the families of those people who did not live to retire? Interest Ask. In general, no matter how ridiculous it may sound, a pension is a source of additional passive income.


Bank account

Anyone can open a bank account and deposit money on it at interest. And this can already be considered a source of passive income. But there are a few things to keep in mind here. If the invested amount is small, then the bank’s interest, taking into account inflation, often contributes only to saving money and keeping it from depreciation, i.e. it cannot be called a source of passive income. But if the amount is large and the percentage of charges exceeds the inflation index, then the capital will constantly grow – this is already passive income. In short, in order to generate profit at interest, it is worth investing only large sums.



It is very profitable to own securities, because this allows you to receive at least 10 to 30 percent of the profit per year. But it is recommended to deal with securities only with the help of an experienced specialist in this field. He will be able to offer several investment options that will be most optimal for you. The richest people in the world resort to working with securities, therefore, if there is an opportunity to start acting in this direction, then in no case should it be missed.



Big business

Speaking about big business, it should be borne in mind that its creation requires a considerable investment of time, effort and finance. But the result is worth it. If a company is “firmly on its feet” and is run by educated people, then it may well become an excellent source of passive income and even allow the person (or group of people) who organized it to move into the investment quadrant . The owner should only control the work of the organization and have a plan of action in case of force majeure.


Website on the Internet

If we approach the issue of creating a website seriously and start promoting it, then after a while it will be able to bring a solid profit to its owner. Contextual advertising, affiliate programs and other methods of website monetization play a huge role here. It is interesting that a person is able to create a website both with the help of competent specialists (for a substantial fee, of course), and completely independently, having learned this and studied all the subtleties of the issue.



If you can write a good book that will be relevant and in demand by readers, then until the end of your life you will be able to receive royalties from the sale of your work. And this applies not only to books, but also to inventions, ideas, projects, websites and other creations, regardless of the direction of activity. Just think how much money a man named Seth Wheeler made when he patented toilet paper in 1871 ?!

In conclusion, I just want to say that if you really want to create an additional source of income (and even more so, if several), then you will have to seriously think about and reconsider many components of your life: habits, beliefs, personal time management and, of course, make a lot of effort for this. And even if it’s not easy, it’s worth it. You just need to want it – everything is in your hands!

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