How to save money wisely
How to save money wisely

How to save money wisely

The economic situation suggests that now, more than ever, it is necessary to change the attitude towards money and think about how to save your resources, and not waste them. The book “Trick or Treat” tells you how to wisely save money.


Buy products from the list

No matter how frugal we are, everyone has to spend money on food. There are many ways to save money on groceries – some are obvious and some are not. The most obvious ways include buying groceries from pre-arranged lists, using coupons, skipping corner convenience stores, and buying bulk groceries.

Buying food according to the season also saves money. If you can skip peaches in winter and apples in summer, you can significantly reduce your grocery bill while enjoying delicious food that is also produced regardless of the season.

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In addition, there are services and applications for mobile devices that allow you to look at promotions in stores near you and purchase goods at a discounted price.


Reduce car use

Do you use your car often? The time has come to change the attitude towards personal transport, because car maintenance is one of the main expenses.

Join a car-sharing club, take the bus, stay close to work, walk more, and use your bike. Agree with your employer to work in the office four days a week or work from home on some days. This will reduce travel costs and allow access to the track either before or after rush hour.


Sell ​​unnecessary items

Each of us has things that we stopped using. It could be a food processor that didn’t turn out to be as comfortable as the advertisement promised us, an outdated smartphone or a large tracksuit. Instead of storing these items in pantries, you can post ads and give or sell these items. Thanks to this approach, you will free up space and earn some money.

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Take care of your health

Medical costs are skyrocketing, so taking care of your health is very beneficial for your wallet as well as your body. The best basic health insurance is diet, good rest, and exercise. Keep yourself in good shape and you will not have to pay for the services of doctors.


Change the way you travel

As your relationship with money becomes more meaningful and life becomes more fulfilling, you will need less and less vacation in the traditional sense – after all, you can relax near home. Considering how much money was spent on buying or renting your home, then you have every right to rest there for weeks. If you nevertheless decide to go somewhere, then any place is suitable for this – it does not matter if it is located 30 or 300 kilometers from your home.


Listen to your needs: It’s possible that a day trip and a hammock in your backyard will suit you as well as a traditional week-long trip. If you want to travel to exotic countries, then there you can find someone who will find your hometown no less exotic. Find associations and sites that offer vacation home exchange services and save money on foreign rentals.

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