So that the money doesn’t run out, save money in the following way

Have you been living frugally today? Living frugally is easy to say but not to put into practice. Sentences of frugal life are still identical, understood from the point of view of negative thinking, such as being frugal, being stingy and not enjoying life. Negative thoughts will live frugally In fact, living frugally will make your life more positive. Your finances become healthier. Many people want to live frugally by reducing monthly expenses, but the temptation always comes, so it’s not uncommon to spend money on something unimportant. Shopping on the basis of desire not need often unwittingly happens to us.

Then, how to save money that doesn’t make you miserable? How can you save money without forgetting to pay attention to the other necessities of life? How to live frugally and fight temptations that can drain your financial condition? Check out these simple and fun ways to save money:

1.  Discipline Manage money

Managing finances is not difficult. The main key is discipline in managing money. When you decide to save money, make sure your savings don’t just last a week, but can continue. Discipline manage money in simple ways such as shopping according to your needs. Then, be disciplined to save and invest in preparation for your future financial needs.

2. Record Expenditures Periodically

It’s good to care about your income and think how to increase your income, but also learn to be mindful of your expenses. This method is important so that your frugal life goes in balance. The simple way is to provide a special small notebook for your daily or weekly financial records, or you can use notes on your smartphone notebook.

Routinely, record all expenses daily, or per week for a month. Do a simple analysis of your monthly expenses. Mark the mandatory, non-mandatory, and complementary expenses. Re-evaluate for expenses you can suppress, or save. Reducing monthly expenses is one of the most effective ways to save money.

3. Set up an Alternative Account

Do you know the benefits of alternative accounts? Having an alternative savings account can help you save money and manage your money better. A simple way to do and the effect is positive for your finances. Create an alternative savings account without ATM card access. Every time a savings account receives a monthly salary, immediately transfer a certain nominal to an alternative savings account, or just activate the automatic transfer option so you don’t have to bother sending manuals. Don’t forget, every time you receive a bonus, immediately deposit your money directly into an alternative account.

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The tips, forget you have excess money in alternative accounts so that the money you save is not drained by the desire to shop outside of your needs. The money in this alternative account should only be used to finance your urgent or emergency needs.

4. Apply Envelope System

The envelope system is one of the easiest ways to manage finances well. This simple method is powerful enough to save money. You simply prepare several envelopes and give a name to each envelope. For example, the cost of food, transportation, electricity and water, entertainment. Then, enter the money you have budgeted, try to use the money you have budgeted.

5. Avoid Impromptu Purchases

In living a frugal life, you are expected to be able to resist the temptation of shopping. The key is, don’t buy something suddenly or outside of monthly expenses, unless it’s really important. Control yourself from shopping for things that are not mandatory. Spending money on unimportant items because of the temptation of sales, warehouse cleaning, massive discounts is a waste. Ask yourself again, whether you bought the item because you needed it or just wanted it.

6. Avoid Debt

Create healthy finances for yourself. Use credit cards to the fullest and use them wisely. There are many positive benefits of shopping with a credit card  that can help you save more and control your spending. However, there is also a negative side, namely debt that has accumulated due to uncontrolled use. Use and make good use of your credit card and avoid unnecessary debt.  

7. Buying Used Items

Saving is easy. You can save money on buying used items instead of buying new items at high prices. The price of second hand goods is much cheaper and affordable, the quality depends on the accuracy of the prospective buyer when shopping. Currently, there are many used items that are of good quality and most importantly the function of these items is still as good. The following are examples of used goods that are worth considering, namely cars, houses, books, furniture, home utensils, pets, musical instruments and so on.

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8. Fight Wasteful Habits

Everyone must have bad habits, such as not being able to manage finances and being extravagant. This bad habit has a negative impact on your finances. Starting today, you must learn to control these bad habits and replace them slowly with positive habits. It’s not easy, but you have to try.

Try to understand and know yourself what are the bad habits that make you wasteful? For example, hobbies are hanging out in cafes, hooked on online shopping for unnecessary items. Then, find ways to reduce these bad habits gradually, such as reducing the intensity of hanging out in cafes, reducing online shopping for items that are less useful and not needed. Replace with positive habits such as buying mutual funds and investing. 

9. Transportation Cost Efficiency

Generally, transportation costs are one of the highest expenditure items. If you want to save money, consider your transportation cost-effective options. Use public transportation such as Trans Jakarta buses, Metromini or gojek motorbikes instead of driving to the office. If the distance from where you live and work or school is close, try to walk. Yes, walking is healthy for your body and your pocket. In essence, you must be able to take advantage of all the cheap transportation options so that your frugal life goes well.

10. Make a Comparison

Doing comparisons before buying something is an effective way to save money. Start from now not to rush in shopping, always compare the price and quality of the goods you want to buy. Shop smart, if you can get a cheaper price for the same item, why not.

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11.  Find Support

To make your frugal life run smoothly, find support from family members, friends or your partner. The goal is to make you more enthusiastic and in control in an effort to save expenses. Have a good talk with those closest to you about your efforts to be frugal, explain your goals and motivations for saving well for yourself and your family.

The positive support you get to live a frugal lifestyle can make it easier for you to control unnecessary expenses. For example, a housewife who is running a frugal living practice, should ask her family for support. Talking to your spouse and children about your financial goals will help you succeed in living a frugal life and achieving your financial goals.

12. Take care of your health

There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. Better to be healthy than sick, sick is expensive  . Therefore, starting today, you must take care of your health. The trick is to keep eating, drink lots of water, and eat fruits and vegetables, reduce unhealthy snacks, balance it with regular exercise. Don’t forget that prevention is better than cure. You also have to get enough sleep, and avoid stress so that your health is well maintained.

13.  Avoid Lifestyle Competition

The choice of healthy lifestyle competition by avoiding lifestyle competition that only makes you more wasteful. Focus on a simple, healthy and prosperous lifestyle. Be yourself and don’t need to imitate others, adopt a simple but prosperous lifestyle, rather than being stylish but in debt.  

Stop being extravagant and prestige. Avoid buying beyond your means. A frugal lifestyle when shopping also needs to be implemented. Buy the product you really need or you can afford. Don’t be tempted by ads, let alone get into debt using a credit card.

Start Saving Today

Frugality is very easy to do, the key is to save on small things, and start today. Don’t think too much about it when you live frugally, try to focus on the good and focus on shopping as needed, and managing finances well.

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