MTDL Strengthens Gaming Line by Adding DELL Alienware Partners
MTDL Strengthens Gaming Line by Adding DELL Alienware Partners

MTDL Strengthens Gaming Line by Adding DELL Alienware Partners

PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk (“MTDL” or the Company), an issuer of Information and Communication Technology (“ICT”), especially in the field of digital solutions and hardware and software distribution, continues to strengthen the gaming line amidst the rampant gaming industry trends during the Covid-19 pandemic through its subsidiary PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia (“SMI”) by adding a partnership with DELL Alienware. Through collaboration with DELL Alienware, SMI will market and sell gaming notebook products and gradually to peripheral gaming products. Alienware is a subsidiary brand of DELL which focuses on gaming computer products marketed through the DELL brand.

Susanto Djaja as the President Director of MTDL said, “MTDL continues to complement ICT products and solutions so that they can produce good performance. Thanks to this brilliant performance, in 2021 MTDL was again included in the ranks of “Forbes Best of the Best 2021: The 50 Best Companies” for the fifth time, namely 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, and 2021. In 2021 MTDL ranked 39th in the Technology Hardware and Equipment category which was announced in the August 2021 edition of Forbes Indonesia Magazine. In the future, it is hoped that MTDL can continue to achieve good performance.”

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This achievement is inseparable from the brilliant performance of MTDL which continues to grow, namely in Semester I-2021 MTDL achieved revenue of Rp.7.7 trillion, an increase of 23.5%. The driver of this growth is the increasing demand for various ICT products and solutions to support digitalization. MTDL continues to add products, global partners, and ICT solutions which are expected to continue to make a good contribution to MTDL’s performance in the future. One of them is in the gaming sector, where sales of MTDL gaming products in Semester I-2021 reached Rp712 billion or an increase of 66% YoY.

“In the gaming business segment, MTDL already sells notebooks, PCs, graphic cards, keyboard mice, monitors, headsets, gaming chairs, casings, power supplies, LED lamps, coolers, RAM, storage, and so on. This pandemic period has encouraged many people to spend time at home to fill their spare time by playing games, especially during the Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM). For this reason, we continue to equip gaming products by adding partners again with DELL Alienware to meet the needs of consumers in Indonesia,” said Ronaldy Suhendra as Director of SMI.

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The collaboration between SMI and DELL Alienware is expected to be able to complement the needs of gaming products in Indonesia through the SMI network which has reached more than 150 cities in 20 strategic areas in Indonesia. Currently MTDL through SMI already has more than 5,200 channel partners. “We will continue to strengthen our business in the ICT sector by continuing to add partnerships with global partners to continue to answer the needs of ICT products and solutions in Indonesia. It is hoped that with our strong marketing network, we will be able to market DELL Alienware products well and continue to strengthen our products in the gaming line,” concluded Susanto.

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