Dell Technologies' New PowerEdge Server Portfolio Supports Data Center Modernization in Indonesia
Dell Technologies' New PowerEdge Server Portfolio Supports Data Center Modernization in Indonesia

Dell Technologies’ New PowerEdge Server Portfolio Supports Data Center Modernization in Indonesia

Dell Technologies introduced the latest generation of the most modern and secure Dell EMC PowerEdge server portfolio to the media in Indonesia at a virtual media briefing in Jakarta today. With these 16 new servers, powered by AMD and Intel processors, Dell Technologies is now delivering a more autonomous, adaptive and resilient IT infrastructure.

“Data volumes and speeds continue to increase as more data is created and used in more places than ever before. Business decision makers must be able to move quickly to gain insights that can be used as a reference for future business actions,” said Erwin Yusran, Business Director, Data Center and Compute, Dell Technologies, Indonesia. “The new server platforms we are introducing today are designed to deliver fully adaptive compute capabilities and enable intelligent systems that create autonomous computing infrastructures optimized for modern applications – no matter how demanding or complex the task may be.”

With autonomous computing capabilities, the new PowerEdge server portfolio can help customers realize self-deployed, self-provided, and self-managed IT infrastructures. These capabilities include:
Adaptive Computing: Respond to changing computing demands with a platform designed to optimize the latest technologies, including processor, memory, networking, storage and acceleration, to deliver predictable profitable results. In addition, by optimizing the latest technologies from AMD and Intel, these new PowerEdge servers also deliver the computing power needed for customers’ most critical workloads and applications.
Autonomous Computing Infrastructure: Intelligent systems embedded in PowerEdge servers can work together and independently to perform customer-defined parameters, to be able to perform digital transformation quickly and maximize productivity. PowerEdge’s intelligent autonomous systems are powered by PCIe Gen 4.0 – which is capable of double the throughput performance over the previous generation of servers – and are available with up to six accelerators per server to support the most demanding and data-laden workloads. All of these capabilities make this next-generation server the most AI-enabled PowerEdge portfolio available today, helping organizations anticipate and respond to their business needs more quickly.
Proactive Defense Systems: Ensure that the company’s digital transformation has an infrastructure designed to securely interact and anticipate potential threats, from the design stage to the supply chain and lifespan of the technology – all from one trusted vendor.

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PowerEdge XR11 and XR12: designed specifically for edge environments and the telecommunications industry The
PowerEdge XR11 and XR12 take all the advantages of Dell EMC server design in a new direction. Both servers are robust and purposely designed with a compact form factor in mind, specifically for deployment in challenging edge environments. The XR11 and XR12 are NEBS and MIL-STD compliant servers, ideal for the needs of the telecommunications, military, retail, restaurant and other edge environments. Built on a 400mm wide chassis, both servers offer a wide range of processor speeds, including Optane Persistent Memory 200, up to 2 GPU drives, SAS, SATA, and NVMe drives, as well as reversible mounting and airflow.

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The XR11 and XR12 can reduce the risk of server failure in challenging environments and can work in limited space without compromising their essential capabilities or performance – for example, they can withstand heat, cold, dust, vibration, and shock with their rugged chassis. Sturdy and small in size.

PowerEdge R650xs and R750xs: powerful computing engines at a competitive cost
These servers take Dell Technologies’ edge in a new direction. Both are designed with the optimization of the fundamental feature set customers need in mind to help enterprises get the most out of their software-based, scaled-out infrastructure. These R650xs and R750xs servers provide an optimized value-added platform suitable for cloud-scale and general-use environments that do not require a GPU. These servers support up to 32 cores per socket, PCIe 4.0 and SAS, SATA, SSD, or NVMe drives.

Customers can choose the appropriate CPU, I/O, and storage performance options to manage their growing data center, so companies can get maximum benefits without compromising performance.

Embedded, not add-on, security features for end-to-end protection
Companies worldwide are acknowledging their primary concern in digital transformation is data privacy and cybersecurity.1 Built on a cyber-resilient architecture and a well-established silicon Root of Trust, the holistic approach of this new portfolio ensures PowerEdge servers are secure throughout their lifecycle, from production, installation and beyond.

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Security starts with the deployment of Dell Technologies Secured Component Verification, a first-ever feature for servers2 and part of Dell’s Secure Supply Chain assurance process. With unique features such as PowerEdge UEFI Secure Boot Customization,3 boot security can be managed even more tightly to counter security attacks.

– efficient cooling features Energy -efficient products are critical to the environment and Dell’s customers. With a specially designed chassis, the new servers feature fan ducts and adaptive cooling to increase power consumption efficiency by up to 60% over the previous generation.4 Also equipped with multi-vector cooling, PowerEdge automatically directs airflow to the hottest parts of the server to optimize cooling. The Direct Liquid Cooling feature, which is available on select servers, is equipped with technology that can detect leaks to find and resolve problems quickly.

All PowerEdge servers are supported by the Dell EMC OpenManage solution, which provides automation and intelligent infrastructure management so customers don’t have to spend time on routine maintenance and can focus on other strategic programs.

Availability The
Dell EMC PowerEdge C6525, R7525, R6525, R7515 and R6515 with 3rd generation AMD EPYCTM processors are now available. Dell EMC PowerEdge C6520, MX750c, R750, R750xa, R650 with third generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors are available. Dell EMC PowerEdge R750xs, R650xs, R550, R450, and PowerEdge XR11 and XR12 are available starting July 15.

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