10 Popular Game Franchise That Need Revival Right Now!
10 Popular Game Franchise That Need Revival Right Now!

10 Popular Game Franchise That Need Revival Right Now!

Competition in the video game industry is getting tougher. Various franchise titles are now occupying the video game market, such as Call of Duty , Battlefield , FIFA , Final Fantasy and many more. However, due to tough competition, several game franchise titles have disappeared without any news. On this occasion Gamebrott will discuss 10 popular game franchises that need to be revived at this time!

Popular Game Franchise That Needs To Be Revived

This information comes from a user named Emotional-Efficiency in a Reddit forum thread . In the thread, he asked Redditors what popular game franchises need to be revived.

The popular game franchise in question is a video game product that was once popular. Currently these games have suddenly disappeared and there is no news about a sequel, prequel, remake or remaster.

There are many game franchises that Redditors or gamers want their favorite games to rise. The following are 10 game franchises that need to be revived according to Redditors and gamers.

10. Silent Hill

Konami Bloober Team Silent Hill

The first game franchise that needed to be revived was the Silent Hill series . When I saw this title, I was not surprised that many gamers wanted Konami to make this game franchise bounce back.

This survival horror game franchise is a favorite of gamers because it uses a different horror concept when it was first released on Playstation 1. Using a haunted city, several elements of mystical mythology and also the psychological condition of each protagonist, this game presents horror with a very interesting story. The presence of this game has become a pioneer for several game titles that use the concept of the psychological horror genre .

Since the cancellation of the latest game Silent Hills, which was planned to be made by Hideo Kojima with the assistance of Guillermo del Toro ( Pacific Rim ) and actor Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), there is no more news from this game franchise (other than the pachinko game).

Gamers were repeatedly disappointed by Konami’s false promises, making them no longer trust them regarding the news of the latest Silent Hill game .

9. Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio Franchise

Next is the Jet Set Radio game franchise that gamers want to revive. This action game developed by Smilebit has a fun concept with its graphics, music and gameplay .

The game, which was first released on June 29, 200 for the Dreamcast, was so popular among gamers that it made Jet Set Radio ported to various platforms such as PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, PC, Android, iOS and Java ME. Since the last game, Jet Set Radio Future, was released on Xbox on February 22, 2002, there has been no news of any new games from the franchise.

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The latest information from Kazuki Hosokawa as the Lead Designer of the Jet Set Radio game said that the development team was too old to continue the game franchise. They weren’t sure they could make a sequel to the game with the same energy as their previous game.

Even though Sega as the publisher has given the green light for the sequel, the development team feels it is almost impossible to make a sequel to this game.

8. Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic

Star Wars Knight Of The Old Republic

The game franchise that it wants to resurrect next is Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic . This RPG game is an adaptation of a comic based on the popular Star Wars film franchise .

Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic is very popular among gamers, whether they are fans of the Star Wars series or not fans of the series. This game presents a very exciting RPG gameplay with a war story that is no less good than the main Star Wars series .

Gamers are eager for the latest game from the Star Wars franchise : Knight of the Old Republic with a sequel or prequel to expand the world of Star Wars stories . Even though there was an MMORPG game called Star Wars: The Old Republic , gamers wanted the Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic franchise to continue. Or at least the previously canceled game Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic 3 , the project should be resumed.

7. Portal

Game Portals

Gamers must be familiar with the Portal game franchise . It turns out that the game still wants this game to be resurrected as a sequel story. This platform puzzle game developed by Valve is called the best game of all time for the Portal 2 game series .

The Portal game franchise is known for having fun puzzle gameplay, entertaining humor and unique stories that are still in the same universe as the Half-Life game.

Portal consists of 3 main games and has many spin-offs with their own uniqueness. Until now, gamers have hoped for a sequel to the Portal game, which continues the saga of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center experimental laboratory.

6. Timesplitters


The next popular game franchise that wants to be revived is Timesplitters . This FPS game developed by Free Radical Design (now Crytek UK) is very popular in the era of the PS2 console. Xbox and GameCube.

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Game that tells about special military forces facing creatures called Timespiltters trying to destroy the history of mankind. The military forces are trying to eradicate them all in the course of time in various locations of important human history.

There are 3 series of this game, namely Timespiltters , Timesplitters 2 and Timespiltters: Future Effect . The development team planned to make a sequel called Timesplitters 4 , but the project was cancelled. Now gamers are still waiting for the Timesplitters game franchise to return to the video game industry.

5. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell

The next game franchise is Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, which is known as a stealth shooter game inspired by the Metal Gear series . This game has not appeared in the gaming industry since the last game titled Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist which was released in 2013.

There were several rumors and confirmations related to the latest game from the Splinter Cell series . In 2019, Julian Gerighty as Ubisoft Creative Director said that he and his team were still in the development stages of the new game Splinter Cell . But until now, there has been no latest news from them.

The last appearance of the protagonist Sam Fisher is in the game Rainbox Six: Siege . On his appearance, the aging Sam Fisher says he is currently the only one left as a special agent on an infiltration mission like himself. This is a special reference to his eternal rival, Snake from the Metal Gear Solid game series.

4. Legacy of Kain

Legacy Of Kain

Then there is the Legacy of Kain game franchise which was popular in the era of the PS1, PS2 and Dreamcast game platforms. This action adventure game is known for its gothic fantasy setting . Although Legacy of Kain is popular among gamers, the fate of this game franchise is oscillating due to internal problems.

This happened during the development of Nosgoth which was said to be still a franchise with Legacy of Kain . In the end in 2016, this game project was cancelled. Gamers hope that a new game from the Legacy of Kain franchise can be released one day.

3. Command and Conquer

Command And Conquer

The title of a popular game franchise that needs to be revived next is Command and Conquer . This game with the real-time strategy or RTS genre is very popular among gamers who love this genre. This is evidenced by EA as the main publisher releasing a remaster of the 2 classic titles Command and Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert .

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EA also released a mobile game called Command & Conquare: Rivals . However, it seems that the game has received a negative response from lovers of this game franchise because it is considered to have changed the main element of the RTS game into a typical mobile game with all the features of cash items .

Even so, gamers still hope that EA releases the latest game from the Command and Conquer series , not a mobile game where some gamers think the game is only taking advantage of their community for profit.

2. The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth

The Lord Of The Rings The Battle For Middle Earth

Another game franchise from EA that gamers want to revive is The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth . This RTS game is based on the novel by JRR Tolkien entitled The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit .

You can find many elements from The Lord of The Rings novel , ranging from monsters, magic and also some characters from the novel are in the game. This franchise has not had a new game for a long time since The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II was released in 2006.

Until now, there has been no news from EA regarding the latest game project from the game franchise The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth .

1. Burnout

Burnout Game

And the game franchise that gamers most want to revive is the popular racing game called Burnout . This game made by the developer Criterion Games is very popular thanks to a feature where players can destroy other race car drivers in races.

There are 8 main games from the Burnout series , these games have received positive responses from gamers. The popularity of this game franchise made the developer Criterion Games release a remastered version of the Burnout Paradise game on June 19, 2020.

Even though they have received a remastered version of one of the Burnout series , gamers are still not satisfied and want the developer Criterion Games to release the latest game of this car crash racing game franchise.

That’s information about 10 popular game franchises that need to be resurrected based on gamers’ requests. Actually, there are still many popular game franchises that I want to mention on this list, such as LA Noire , Parasite Eve , Dino Crisis , F-Zero , Legend of Dragoon and others. Do you have a favorite popular game franchise that you want to revive?

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