5 Zombie Games on HP and PC, Worth Trying!
5 Zombie Games on HP and PC, Worth Trying!

5 Zombie Games on HP and PC, Worth Trying!

The following zombie game recommendations are worth playing because they provide a tense and not boring experience. 

This type of game genre seems to be familiar among gamers. Even though it’s terrible, in the game world the zombie theme is very liked by many people.

It is evident from the increasing number of types of zombie-themed games that you can play on HP or iOS. Not to forget PC games also carry the zombie concept.

Zombie is a term used for living things in horror films or fantasy films. Zombies are described as corpses that prey on humans, especially the human brain which is the main target for food.

Want to know what are the most exciting and thrilling zombie games that you can play to test your adrenaline? 

Here are the recommendations for the best zombie games for you:

1. Plants vs. Zombies

In the first place is Plants vs. Zombies as the best zombie game that has been very popular for gamers around the world. 

This game was first released in 2009 and immediately reaped great success. Just like other casual games, this zombie game also has a simple gameplay. 

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You are only required to block the movement of the zombies that attack the house by using various kinds of plants to fight them. 

But be careful, even though it looks simple, Plants vs Zombies is a game that is difficult to beat as the levels increase.

2. Stupid Zombies 3

Stupid Zombies is one of the most popular zombie games, from Stupid Zombies 1 to Stupid Zombies 3 all have over 10 million downloads.

The gameplay of this game is actually quite easy, you will be given a limited number of bullets. So you have to try to shoot as many zombies as possible in one shot. 

Guaranteed you will not feel bored with this game because Stupid Zombies 3 consists of more than 200 different levels, in each level the zombies will be positioned in a different place so you will not get the same environment. 

The most fun thing about this game is, you can play it for free. However, you will have to make an in-app purchase if you need extra bullets when you fail to kill all the zombies.

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3. Dead Effect 2

The Dead Effect series is a shooting game that should not be taken lightly. Dead Effect 2 brings excellent graphic quality. 

Your role in this game is to shoot hordes of zombies, monsters, and all kinds of other sci-fi creatures.

This game contains RPG elements that allow you to upgrade, level up, and develop your character so that you can fight against these terrible zombies to the fullest.

You have 100 implants to upgrade your character and more than 40 types of weapons to fight against the zombies.

4. Into The Dead 2: Zombie Shooter

The second series of zombie-themed games that are quite popular is Into The Dead. This game is about a journey of survival from a zombie plague attack and trying to save the family of the game’s characters. 

As the second series, this game certainly has many improvements from the first series. You can feel this increase from the first time you play this second series.

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The story presented in this game is quite interesting, and is packaged in 7 chapters and 60 stages. 
You will also play in various different locations with different views.

5. Dead Island

In the game Dead Island, a disaster occurs while on vacation on a tropical tourist island whose origins cannot be explained, namely a zombie outbreak! Instantly, everyone started to pounce on each other and the beautiful vacation turned into a survival arena. 

In addition, in this game you will feel the combination of first-person shooter elements with RPG action. Where you not only feel the thrill of shooting zombies but you can also feel the thrill of completing the thrilling missions that must be undertaken.

So, those were some recommendations for the best zombie games that you can play to fill your spare time. Of the 5 PC and mobile game titles, which one is your favourite?

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