5 Best Warship Games, Must Try!
5 Best Warship Games, Must Try!

5 Best Warship Games, Must Try!

Playing warship games can be one way that you can do to fill your spare time on the sidelines of your daily busy life. 

Some of these warship games have quite a different style than other war gamesBecause in the warship game , you must be able to control the speed of the ship while shooting or blowing up enemy ships. No wonder the game is one of the most played games by gamers. 

For the background used in several war game recommendations including sea, land and air. War games at sea using ocean ships.  Then for war games on land usually use cars, tanks and others. As for the war games in the air, of course, using planes or helicopters.

There are many warship games that you can play both online and offline. Among these games, here are the recommendations for the best warship games that are fun to play on your Android phone :

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1. World of Warships Blitz : Gunship Action War Game

World of Warships Blitz : Gunship Action War Game can be called the best online warship game for Android.

This Android game provides more than 130 types of ships from various countries. Includes ship types from World War 1 and 2.

Played online, this World of Warships Blitz game features a ranking game system such as trophies and tiers. 

Interestingly, this game can also be played offline.

2. Pirate Code

Pirate Code is played in PvP aka Player versus Player. In this game you can compete against other players around the world online. 

You can also choose the type of ship and weapon, and increase your strength as the game progresses.

The match in this Android game will involve 2 teams of 5 players each.

3. Battle Bay

Next is a fun online game that you can play casually, namely Battle Bay. 

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This Android game is played by 10 players in one game. You will be divided into 2 teams of 5 players each or play one on one in real time. 

Besides that, you can also choose various ships and weapons. There will be several missions that you can complete to earn money and interesting items. 

You and your team must defeat the enemy before you lose. If your ship is not strong enough, you can go on an adventure looking for treasure and money for upgrades.

4. Atlantic Fleet Lite

Atlantic Fleet Lite is a warship game that is suitable for those of you who have smartphones with low specifications. 

Android phones with 512 MB of RAM can already play this game. This game presents gameplay that is both fun and challenging.

There are several game modes that can be tried such as Single Battle Editor mode, Full Dynamic Campaign , and Campaign. What’s more interesting is that you can play this game smoothly without ad interference and you can also take advantage of all the features for free.

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5. King of Sails: Ship Battle

King of Sail is a PvP ( Player versus Player ) naval battleship game with 18th century ships. In this game you have to create a fleet for the headquarters, and the main mission of this game is to destroy the enemy fleet. 

You can form a team with your friends, because this game consists of 2 teams, each containing 5 players. Apart from good graphics, Game controls can also be customized. 

This war game also has a leaderboard feature for the best level of all players in the world.

Those are the recommendations for warship games that must be familiar among gamers.

From the list above, which warship game is your favorite?

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