Live! Eintracht Frankfurt leads - How does Arminia Bielefeld react?
Live! Eintracht Frankfurt leads - How does Arminia Bielefeld react?

Live! Eintracht Frankfurt leads – How does Arminia Bielefeld react?

After the botched start, Eintracht Frankfurt definitely wants to score against Arminia Bielefeld. We are there for you live!

Arminia Bielefeld – Eintracht Frankfurt 0: 1 (0: 0)

Lineup of Arminia Bielefeld Ortega Moreno – Brunner, Pieper, Nilsson, Laursen – Prietl, Kunze, Hack, Okugawa – Klos, Krüger
Lineup of Eintracht Frankfurt Trapp – Durm, Ndicka, Hinteregger, Lenz – Sow, Hrustic, Hauge, Lindström – Kamada – Borré
Gates 0: 1 Hauge (22nd minute)
referee Bastian Dankert

45th minute: Lenz sees yellow after a foul on Okugawa!

43rd Minute: And Trapp again! Krüger comes from a central position in the penalty area to the shot, but does not hit the leather properly. Otherwise it would have been dangerous again for Eintracht Frankfurt shortly before the break.

42nd Minute: Kevin Trapp is challenged for the first time. Klos carves the ball on the Frankfurter Tor, but the keeper has the ball safely.

40th minute: Hurstic tries with a shot from around 20 meters. A beautiful thing that turns wonderfully, but Ortega is there. That would have fit, top left corner.

39th Minute: The Arminia starts an attack. But there is nobody in the middle, which is why the chance does not lead to anything dangerous.

35th minute: Another nice attack from Eintracht Frankfurt. Borré is back, but the ball slips out of bounds. Pity!

32nd minute: Eintracht Frankfurt’s build-up game currently goes through many stations. Since the SGE is in charge, they are currently putting little pressure on and taking their time. By the way: The duo Hrustic-Sow worked well last week, and it’s been going really well today too!

27th minute: Arminia is looking for solutions, but has not found any. Kevin Trapp has very little to do so far.

25th minute: Next huge chance for Eintracht Frankfurt! The ball comes from Hinteregger to Borré, who wants to take the ball directly into the goal. But he just fails. Pity!

24th minute : Finally! The first guided tour for Eintracht Frankfurt this season!

22 minutes : TOOOOOOOOOOOR for Eintracht Frankfurt. Hauge has the necessary punch, Durm plays the perfect cross from the right. You couldn’t play it more beautifully!

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15th minute: Noticeable in this initial phase: Eintracht Frankfurt has an enormous amount of ball possession, but cannot squeeze past Bielefeld’s back four.

13th minute: It didn’t stay dry for long, the rain started right on time for kick-off.

10th minute: Eintracht Frankfurt started the game well and was able to develop a few smaller chances. But it hasn’t gotten really hot yet.

7th minute: Ndicka sees yellow after a foul on Hack. That is not good and it comes very early. But the yellow card is justified.

5th minute: At the Bielefelder Alm there are also 800 fans of Eintracht Frankfurt.

3rd minute: Eintracht coach Oliver Glasner is celebrating his 47th birthday today. We say at this point: Congratulations.

1st minute: It will be tight for Arminia. Pieper wants to play a back pass to Ortega with his chest, but it goes a little wrong. Ortega suspected this, otherwise the doorbell would have rang. Lindström was ready.

1st minute: buckle up, off you go!

************************************************** *********************

+++ 3:22 p.m.: Only a few minutes, then it starts. We turned up the speakers and sang “In the heart of Europe …”. Maybe it will help, we will definitely send a few positive vibes to Bielefeld.

+++ 3:11 p.m.: Eintracht Frankfurt is under pressure in the game against Arminia Bielefeld. Because so far the SGE could only get one point, against FC Augsburg last week in front of their home crowd the team did not get past 0-0. Therefore, there should now be three points against Bielefeld.

+++ 3 p.m .: The weather in Bielefeld is as mixed as in Frankfurt. It is currently 17 degrees, a few drops can fall from the sky every now and then. But the Eintracht Frankfurt fans who traveled with them will certainly not be impressed by that.

+++ 2.47 p.m.: Coach Oliver Glasner changed the team of Eintracht Frankfurt compared to the 0-0 against FC Augsburg only on one person: Daichi Kamada joins the team for Filip Kostic.

Frank Kramer changed his team to two positions compared to the 1-1 draw against newly promoted Greuther Fürth: Robin Hack and Florian Krüger each make their starting eleven for Bielefeld.

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+++ 2.32 p.m.: And this is how the hosts start:

+++ 2.30 p.m.: This is how Eintracht Frankfurt starts the game against Arminia Bielefeld:

+++ 1.51 p.m.: That’s what Arminia coach Frank Kramer says before the duel against Eintracht Frankfurt: “The Frankfurters certainly expected more from the results on the first two game days, but everyone knows that they are a team with a lot of quality. It will be an interesting box! “

+++ 1:44 p.m.: Until it starts, you can look again at the dates of the approaching Europa League group phase. The UEFA has precisely timed. *

Update from Saturday, August 28th, 2021, 1:28 p.m.: The referee of today’s game between Eintracht Frankfurt and Arminia Bielefeld is Bastian Dankert. The 41-year-old referee leads his 121st Bundesliga game. He is supported by René Rohde and Mark Borsch, the fourth official is Dr. Robin Brown. Guido Winkmann will take a seat at the screens in the Cologne basement.

+++ Hello and a happy “Gut Kick” in the group. My name is Melanie Gottschalk and I will accompany her through the game between Arminia Bielefeld and Eintracht Frankfurt on the Alm. There are currently some disturbing noises at the SGE, but the team urgently needs to score points to avoid a complete false start. It starts at 3:30 p.m. But even before the game, we provide you with important and useful information about the game.

Eintracht Frankfurt against Arminia Bielefeld: A lot of unrest in the SGE

Bielefeld / Frankfurt – Eintracht Frankfurt * started the new Bundesliga season with one defeat and one draw. So that the beginning doesn’t turn out to be a complete false start, the SGE has to score against Arminia Bielefeld. But there is unrest in the environment, Filip Kostic will not travel to Bielefeld with, he wants to strike in Lazio *. In addition, the transfer of Amin Younes * to Saudi Arabia has failed. Not an easy task for coach Oliver Glaser *. He has to keep the team calm.

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With the exception of captain Sebastian Rode and Filip Kostic * for the reasons mentioned above, Oliver Glaser can fall back on almost all players at Eintracht Frankfurt. Almamy Touré is not quite ready yet, as the coach said before the game: “Almamy Touré will not be part of the squad. We’ll give him over 90 minutes of match practice during an internal test match during the week. “

Eintracht Frankfurt against Arminia Bielefeld: Zuber a topic for the squad

During the week, the team worked on the vote and prepared for Arminia Bielefeld, says Glasner. Tuta also had to nibble at the current situation, but the coach spoke to him and he had a very good week of training behind him. Steven Zuber could also be a topic for the squad against Bielefeld: “Steven Zuber and I talked to each other and explained our respective situation. The most important thing to me is that a player accelerates in training. He does. That’s why he’s also an issue for the squad, ”said Glasner before the game.

After Eintracht Frankfurt’s so far meager goal record – two goals in three games – Oliver Glasner defends the new striker: “We can be accused of not having used our chances. But not that we haven’t created any chances. None of the SGE goal getters in recent years had more than six goals after their first half of the year. The players here were also very critical of themselves, ”he said.

Eintracht Frankfurt against Arminia Bielefeld: Alessandro Schöpf is missing the Arminia blocked

Arminia coach Frank Kramer has to do without Alessandro Schöpf in the game against Eintracht Frankfurt. The 27-year-old midfielder saw the yellow-red card in the 1-1 draw against newly promoted Greuther Fürth and can therefore not play against the SGE.

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