Getting to Know the Dell S2716DG Gaming Monitor
Getting to Know the Dell S2716DG Gaming Monitor

Getting to Know the Dell S2716DG Gaming Monitor

For true game addicts gaming without using an adequate monitor will indeed feel bland. Intermittent display of objects , rough scene shifts , or long response times will ruin the enjoyment and enjoyment of playing.

Not to mention if the monitor consumes a lot of energy, it will also affect the electricity bill in your home. Dell produces the Dell S2716DG as an effort to answer the various problems mentioned above.

Designed specifically as a gaming monitor , the S2716DG has advantages that other monitors don’t have. The Trusted Review site named this monitor as one of the Best Gaming Monitors 2018 .

Curious about what makes this monitor considered the best?

1. Screen specifications

Dell S2716DG has a 27-inch screen that uses a Twisted Nematic (TN) panel type . TN type panels have a faster response time making them suitable panels for gaming monitors . The combination of TN and LED backlight will result in higher brightness.

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The screen has a 16:9 ratio, 2560 x 1440 pixels (QHD) resolution, with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, and a brightness level of 350 cd/m2. The colors that can be displayed by this monitor reach 16.7 million color variants. The screen can be viewed well at positions up to 170 degrees vertical and 160 degrees horizontal.

2. NVIDIA G-Sync Technology

This monitor uses G-Sync technology developed by NVIDIA to improve screen display performance. This improvement is achieved by synchronizing the refresh rate with the GPU, eliminating the screen tearing effect , and reducing input lag on the monitor screen.

Screen tearing is a phenomenon that occurs on the screen, when an object looks like it is divided into several parts when switching scenes . This phenomenon generally occurs on screens with technology that is not as sophisticated as now.

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With G-Sync, moving from one scene to the next is fast and smooth, and objects look sharper. Utilizing these features, Dell S2716DG also get HDR feature, wider color gamut, technology ultra-low motion blur , the refresh rate is higher, and technology variables overdrive .

3. Designed for gaming comfort

Dell S2716DG can be adjusted by adjusting the tilt, rotation, axis and height of the screen for comfortable use when playing games . The interface on the connectivity panel is also designed for easy connection of additional devices, such as headphones , mouse , or keyboard . It also includes an HDMI port , USB 3.0, and a display port .

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The Dell S2716DG is classified as a Class A+ monitor under EU Energy Label standards. This monitor is rated as a device that has a high energy efficiency rating.

This device only consumes 90 watts of electricity. Meanwhile, during standby or sleep conditions , the electricity required is only 0.5 watts. You can linger playing your favorite games without worrying about the electricity bill rising.

The design of this Dell monitor also looks elegant, with a dominant black color cast throughout the monitor body. Dell S2716DG has dimensions of approximately 612 x 55 x 363 mm after using a stand weighing more than 7 kg.

After knowing the features of the Dell S2716DG gaming monitor above, are you interested in buying it?

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